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the obama administration tand democrat congress pursued an agenda of every frustrated liberal at the expense of the public good and contrary to the will of the people. when america needed a growth strategy to revive our session-racked economy, the obama administration and the pelosi-reid congress gave us a $1 trillion stimulus bill that only stimulated more government. as unemployment soared to 10%, america needed and called for policies that would spur job creation. instead of focusing on jobs, the obama administration and its democrat congress spent a year concocketting a government-run health care system, one that stifles job creation as well as drives up the cost of health care. at a time when we desperately needed incentives to create new jobs, president obama and his congressional allies tried to impose the biggest tax increase in american history on small business owners by letting the bush tax cuts expire. two years of their calling for these massive tax increases caused more uncertainty among employers, making them reluctant to hire anybody or spend more money. along the way, the pr
and work on the bill that would ultimately become president obama's health care reform. but it didn't happen. the democrats lost an election in massachusetts for the senate seat. and that changed the paradigm, that changed the narrative, that changed the debate. and then what happened? the house took up the bill passed by the senate, conveniently a bill that had been passed by the house of representatives the summer before as a housing bill, h.r. 3590, look it up at home. 3590, passed the senate. why would senator reid, why would the other body take up a previously passed house bill and turn it into a health care bill? because it wasn't a health care bill. it was a tax bill. it was a tax bill that had by constitutional authority had to originate in the house of representatives. so then the other body had the perfect vehicle. take the housing bill, strip out the housing language, put in the health care language, pass it on christmas eve and we'll gather back after the new year's eve festivities and create a conference committee and pass the president's signature health care legislati
a good number of governors, members of congress, who did not want president obama with them on the campaign trail last fall. you know that quite well. a little straight talk. if you're a governor in a place like kentucky, do you want president obama with you on the campaign trip? >> i sure wanted him in maryland. and every governor will make their own decisions strategically, tackically. the president was a tremendous help to us in maryland. his organization was a tremendous help to us. so every governor will make that decision. i think what all of us didn't want from the president, and i think democrats and republicans alike, is for him to be succes successful in getting our economy moving again and creating jobs. >> governor perry, you're chairman of the r.g.a. look into the future a minute. what is going to be the impact of having president obama on the ballot in 2012? >> i happen to think you're going to see a continuation of what occurred in november of win to 2010. >> why? >> and that is that individuals and individuals back in the states truly believe that the massive
'donnell doesn't really approve of. after [laughter] i was so genuinely inspired by president obama's team, his call to win the future. of course it was a little unfortunate that the acronym for win the future is wtf. [laughter] that's why i was so glad our vice president stepped in and offered a different contract, building futures daily. yeah. [laughter] but seriously, folks, what we in congress and you in journalism do every day is to build a better future for the country. if you will indulge me for just one more minute, i will say honestly how much i admire the folks who are here this evening, the people who don't just have a job, don't just work in the media but find in journalism a profession and calling. it was just in the past few weeks that we have seen individual examples of the sort of courage, bravery and risking of one's self to give a window into what's really going on on the ground. as journalists have braved the most chaotic circumstances to give a glimpse into the reality of change. in the world with more sources of information today than ever before, your work is more essentia
. president. i rise in strong support. mcconnell amendment 13 that would completely repeal president obama's, in my view, unconstitutional health care bill. of course i was an active participant in the debate in the last congress about obamacare and fought that tooth and nail. the day after it passed into law, i introduced a freestanding measure to repeal it completely. the first day of thisew congress that i could file bills, i reintroduced that measure. and of course, for all those reasons, certainly support this amendment that accomplishes that important goal. let me begin by responding to my distinguished colleague from vermont's suggestion. everybody who wants to repeal this law, including me, weon't want to do away with the idea that you shouldn't be shoved off insurance because of preexisting conditions. you shouldn't have portability. you shouldn't be able to meet those obligations. we don't think that at all. we are, however, for complete repeal for a very simple reason. what's wrong with this bill, what's wrong with obamacare isn't one detail here and one mma there. is isn'tt the
. that is a very important thing. we get it. we never thought we could do it, but we did it. president obama did it. it is not hosni mubarak who did it -- we the people did it. that feeling is profoundly important for the future of egypt. if the egyptians take charge of their own future and take responsibility for their own problems, there is a much better chance that we will all be able to work together to solve those problems. one of my friends takes is a cricket bat out every night and stands guard. it is not a weapon of choice for me, but you might prefer that one. [laughter] >> we used them in beirut. [laughter] >> it is a sense of accomplishment. that is a very important thing. we get it. we never thought we could do it, but we did it. president obama did it. it is not hosni mubarak who did it -- we the people did it. that feeling is profoundly important for the future of egypt. if the egyptians take charge of their own future and take responsibility for their own problems, there is a much better chance that we will all be able to work together to solve those problems. i do not see how this s
of barack obama's to additional nominees in the past two years, compared to 104 george bush, and 128 for bill clinton during the first two years of their presidency. we have 875 federal judgeships, and we now have 101 vacancies. that is an extraordinarily high number. 49 of those vacancies are described as judicial emergencies. most recently, the tragic death of judge john roll brought attention to this crisis. he was at the safeway in tucson to talk with gabby giffords about this very issue. about judicial vacancies in arizona. and his death has resulted in arizona now being added to the list of judicial emergencies. this vacancy crisis is obviously not a part -- a partisan issue. it is an issue about the integrity of our court and the administration of justice for the american people. on the heels of justice anthony kennedy calling attention to this problem, a group of nine circuit judges led by chief judge alex kosinski, a reagan appointee, wrote to senators reid and mcconnell, asking them to fill the vacancies. so what can be done about this? today we are extremely lucky to be ab
investments in higher education. infrastructure. it sounds like some of the same stuff that president obama is talking about. how are your idea its different from his? -- ideas differed from his? or are they? >> for the first couple of years this administration was not very favorable to business and free enterprise. not only did they use rhetoric that talked down to wall street, but some of the policies, like micromanaging parts of the free enterprise system and not reducing corporate and capital gains tax rates, i would not call these things positive for getting us out of a global economic downturn. >> you would have let general motors go? >> what was in it for the small businessman that created all of the jobs in america? nothing. i will say that perhaps pieces of the stimulus for helpful. some of it was just pent-up spending from democrats being out of our. if they had spent the money on the infrastructure -- 6% was on transportation, which is unacceptable. it would have gotten people back to work right away. we are investing this year, now that we have a surplus and we are forecasting $
spending, president obama and his fiscal 2012 budget proposal chose to duck. he just heard from the cbo director and the chairman of the federal reserve one of the best things we can do for the economy is put in place a plan that gets this deficit and debt under control. why did you cuk? duck? if george bush brought this budget to the house, i would say the exact same thing. you know the drivers of our debts. you understand this issue. the fact the president gave us this fiscal commissioner, acknowledges that we agree on the size and scope and nature of the problem. why did you duck? why are you not taking this opportunity to lead? >> i think the president budget addresses the fiscal challenges we face in the short and medium term. he has called a down payment, acknowledging we need to work together and the long term. if you look what the mandate of the fiscal commission was it was to bring the deficit down to 3% of gdp by the middle of the decade. our budget does that. there are things in our budget we will have disagreements about. we will have a serious debate about portis, of the pr
, president medvedev and president obama had such a great time. all of that is true. the context in which you should think about these operations, what was going on with these guys were sent here? when they were set, the soviet union -- still existed and the cold war was still on. think about that as you understand it. pretty normal people. they lived in a normal sort of house and drew an old mitsubishi montero. vicky was a well-known left-wing journalist. more on her in a minute. juan -- remember what i said about access. he claimed to be peruvian coup had been living in europe like before he came to the united states. here is a russian -- actually, he was ukrainian -- u.s. recycled himself to become a peruvian, but he does not hang out with other peruvians because they might figure this out. he hangs out in uruguay and the united states. there is not a lot of information about the sky. he was at jat professor at baruch college. the administration found him to not be a very good instructor. the students mostly remember him for his lengthy lectures on what a swell guy hugo chavez was. profess
caucus voting for something that doesn't defund obama care or make big cuts to epa. is this about more than numbers? >> i think it's going to end up being -- i think it's largely going to focus on the issue of what the overall funding level is. that's -- there are a whole lot of other issues that came up in the debate. the debate largely focused on what level of reductions we're going to have and my guess is that's where the primary focus will be. we're in a -- where i began, we've got 85 new members in our caucus, one-third. there's an interesting dynamic here. some historian can tell me the last time we had a republican house, a democratic senate and democratic president. i can't come up with it. we're at interesting times in terms of how this is going to operate. the one thing i find very, very interesting and it's a little bit off your topic, but i'm going to make it anyway, all this discussion of how much we're cutting spending, the cr is 3 billion below on nondefense, 3 billion below 2010 levels. the president freezes funding at 2010 levels, by definition, not even getting to the
on it. that is very dangerous brit. thgreat flaw -- and president obama was a great candidate, he did a remarkable job -- the core flock in the campaign was that i believe candidates obama thought the president of the united states could save the country. that is impossible. there are 513,000 elected officials. there are 305 million people. the tv series of most republics where we a is a "wagon train." when americans had wagon trains that moved west, you denied hire someone and say wake me when we get to los angeles. you had to feed your own horses. if you were attacked, you had to be part of the defense course. we need a fundamental change in this country. it is impossible for a bureaucratic centralized washington-based system to effectively govern a country this size. we are in real trouble. that is the point i want to make. your generation -- there are moments in history that transcend normalacy. you either stand up and make it work or your country collapses. the problems are so much bigger than george w. bush and barack obama, so much bigger than newt gingrich. if we do not find a
of the world combined, the obama administration is saying that they've been lying to get off of energy. we know that we have to invest in different forms of energy because the wells will not be there all the time. we need to get the better technology and we need to use our own oil. if we started this two years ago, i think we would be a lot closer. gas prices could be moving lower. they say they're focusing on jobs now, but for the last few years they have been pushing the democratic agenda in washington. host: we will leave it there. guest: united states of america is not number one in oil reserves. we have some oil, t we emperor import 2/3. we have other energy supplies that are better than a place else. oil > -- oil? yes, we have oil. we cannot keep up with the increasing demand for oil which is why we have to switch to electric cars and natural gas is. we cannot get off of oil tomorrow, but if we start today, therwill be millions of jobs. the sooner we get going on the future, the better. that is why i say in montana that we're going to help produce the energy supplies for the country but w
. in 2013, present obama has proposed to make this permanent. he would change it to $3.5 million exemption. i am a sixth generation kansan and my kids are the seventh generation to grow up in eastern kansas. kansas is an ag state. i hope you have an appreciation for the importance of the family farm to this nation. do you know what the price of a new, is? ombine is? >> the agricultural part of the economy is quite strong today. you are seeing basic growth in agriculture. we want to do everything we can to reinforce that. >> we feel like we are under attack here. a new, costs over 300,000 at -- a new combine costs over $300,000. if you attach anything, it is $170,000 on top of that. the cost of the necessary equipment to manage a farm can be quite high. it can easily top $1.5 million in equipment. several years back, the usda did a study and there was nearly 11,000 kansas farmers that have land and buildings valued at over $2 million. the cost of equipment and land values, it is not hard to get to the $3.5 million cap that the president is proposing. the average net income on a family farm
years, you have made it very clear that asia is central to the obama administration's foreign policy. we also know that now, as of late january, you're the most travelled secretary of state. we also know that you have traveled to asia eight times in two years. that is more than most secretaries of state. your articulation of smart power as the basis of foreign policy has meant that known traditional issues, such as women's rights, and educational exchanges, in true public- private partnerships for tackling major global issues have received higher attention than ever before. it is not surprising that in many parts of the world, you are treated like a rock star. most importantly, you have used all the implements in your tool kit to create a dynamic and effective foreign policy for our nation. we have assembled a special group of our patrons and friends of richard. we have a large group of people from all over the world joining us virtually, and i should add that in addition to our san francisco center, we also have colleagues in houston and hong kong listening to this, along with all of yo
about president obama's 2012 budget request. then the u.s. citizenship and immigration services on how the government's e-verify system works. >> i asked you to come here this evening so we could hear from the secretary of state regarding negotiations that are going on in europe. >> you can look at this out of historical curiosity. or you can look at this as a forerunner of today's managed news. >> find something you did not know about the 43 men who served as president of the united states with the c-span video library. all free online. watch what you want when you want. it is all presidents during the three day holiday weekend on "american history tv." more like programming on monday as historians, journalists, and associates of john f. kennedy talked about his place in history. throughout the weekend we will visit the national portrait gallery, show talks with jimmy carter and george bush, and and commemorate ronald reagan bawdry 100 per day. four are complete holiday schedule, the two c-span.org /history. >> next, secretary of state hillary clinton. she talks about the wikileaks re
recommendations may never see the light of day. we have to do better. additionally, president obama's proposed spending freeze unfortunately is not really a freeze at all. it exempts 86% of the federal budget from the freezer, doesn't turn on the freezer until next year, and then turns it off shortly thereafter. when you run the numbers, the president's idea of fiscal responsibility unfortunately amounts to choosing to grow government by 49.01% over 10 years instead of 49 bt 27%. we have got to do better. fiscal responsibility requires more than just tinkering around the margins. republicans have proposed adopting strict budget caps that limit federal spending on an annual basis and are enforcible by the president. these caps are a critical plank in the fiscally responsible budget alternatives proposed last year and yet they are absent from the president's budget. the federal budget must never be allowed to grow faster than the family budget ability to pay for it. you can learn more about our better republican budget solutions on the web at solutions.gop.gov. so you pile up all this democrat s
of all things obama." they will conduct a straw poll in late this afternoon they will be releasing the numbers. we will have live coverage of that on c-span starting at about 5:15 p.m. if you want more information about c-span's coverage of cpac, go to our website, c-span.org. thank you very much for watching this edition of "washington journal" and we will see you again tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. eastern. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] >> this morning, a couple of house hearings. the first one was for federal funding for abortion. next, financing for the new health-care law. later, our coverage of the conservative political action committee starts with governor haley barbour. >> every weekend, listen to historic supreme court cases on c-span radio. today, the court considers government employment and free speech. >> the core function of the agency is to teach the republic about the law. first-aid the main sad and undermines it -- her statement s that. >> i think that is not only one of the major challenge
is broad regulatory scheme or anything else the supreme court came up with that the defender of obama care rely on and there's no quote intrusiveness, unquote, standard in the constitution either. would you agree with that, professor barnett? >> of course. that's not a constitutional standard or doctrine i'm aware of. >> none of them are. mr. carvin? >> no. obviously things that substantially affect commerce is something the court says are within the commerce clause but has been pointed out is a number of things that affect commerce, violence against women, possessing guns, which the court has said no, no, those don't come within the ambit and i would argue economic inactivity is far more afield from the commerce power than things like buying and possessing guns. >> i'm very grateful to have professor fried here, a grand old friend and professor dellinger is an old friend, both of whom i admire greatly. i don't know you, mr. kroger, but i'm sure you're just fine. now, the congressional budget office in the past has said that requiring individuals to purchase a particular good or service wa
correction to your introduction. this issue did come off as with the visit to president obama. we recently convened the joint committee. we did get a commitment from the government of china to begin to address more rigorously the absence of using legitimate software. visit,president hu's they said they will provide money for it. now they did not give their government in the resources to purchase legitimate software. we did get a commitment to make some honor thought. our commitment is important, complex, and there's a reason we have regular commitments as well as strategic and economic dialogue, and we will see as vigilant as you say the chinese are crafty in making sure they honor and respect of american intellectual property, because that is an extraordinary opportunities. >> if there are things you would like to do, i hope you will let us know. we know through passive during the bush administration the free trade agreement after may 10. you are about to table something in chile, and i hope you do not weaken the things that were agreed upon that made possible the agreement, particularly
.5% of the previous year. the gdp has maintained an annual growth rate of over 14%. in president obama's stated the union address, he mentioned the fastest computer in the world. it is -- it was built in hu nan, and he also mentioned the high-speed rail, the electrical control system was actually done by a huanan company. big companies and huanan had extensive international cooperation. prestigious companies nationwide invested $69 million in the state of georgia to build an assembly center for construction equipment. at present, the city of hunan formed 16 pairs of relationships with -- sister relationships with american cities. many have invested or set out centers and hunana and all have been quite as successful. >> [speaking chinese] >> not long ago, president hu jintao made a visit to the united states. it has achieved fruitful results. one of them being the signing of the memorandum of understanding concerning the establishment of the china-u.s. governors forum. with the active efforts of the chinese people's association for friendship with foreign countries and the american national gove
to the white house for a black tie dinner evening with president and mrs. obama. monday morning governors will return to the white house for meetings with the president and members of his cabinet. the winter meeting will conclude monday afternoon with a session focused on governor gregoire's initiative complete to compete. this initiative focuses on improving the productivity of our higher education institutions and increasing the number of students in the united states who complete college degrees and certificates. this session will be about the importance of increasing college attainment rates for economic competitiveness and highlight options for boosting rates within existing resources. bill gates, co-chair of the bill and melinda gates foundation, will be the featured speaker. additionally thereby -- there will be governors only sessions which will be on a dialogue facing issues in our states. >> i would like, if we could, to introduce ourselves. governor would you start. >> with that, we'll be happy to take your questions. sir. [inaudible] >> it is not unexpected on our part. the go
republican jim in jordan on spending issues, the tea party, and president obama as proposed budget, sunday. >> this monday, visit the public and private space is america's most recognizable home, the white house the original documentary provides a look at the history of the presidential residence and take you through the, the west wing, all the laws, and lincoln bedroom and focuses on the presidents and first families who have most influence how it looks today, airing in high-definition and updated with interviews with president obama and the first lady and comments from georgia and laura bush" the white house, side america's most famous home." >> several companies that have contracts and afghanistan say security and illiteracy are the top two challenges facing contractors. next come officials look at these issues at a commission on wartime contract theory. this is about two hours. >> this is a joint statement on behalf of my co-chair and my fellow commissioners. some of us could not be here today. other commissioners at the dais are here. today's hearing is a continuation of our january 2
. is that correct? >> i believe that is correct. i think the budget president obama -- budget proposal has not put the fcc all the way back to 2008 levels. it does represent a cut off continuing resolution number. >> to put it in perspective, the loss of household wealth as a result of this great recession has been estimated to be approximately $14 trillion. the over-the-counter derivatives market is a volume that about $600 trillion -- is estimated that about $600 trillion. the infamous flash crash on may 6 temporarily wiped out over $1 trillion. it seems to me penny wise and pound foolish not to invest in the agency's that are required to come forward with the new rules, the new study, and to prevent the madoffs of the future. dodd-frank calls for 95 new rules for the sec. is that correct? >> it depends on how you count it. yes. >> 61 from the cftc. right? >> we think it is more on the order 45. i don't know. people count different ways. >> how many studies? one bill has 60. how many studies do you have to do? >> more than 20 studies and to create five new offices within the agency. >> how will
. the republican majority approved provisions to strip federal money from president obama's health care overhaul and from planned parenthood. the resolution would authorize funding for federal agencies over the second half of the budget year that ends september 30. current funding runs out march 4 and a temporary spending bill will be needed to avoid a government shutdown. the senate must approve before it gets to the president's desk. here is a portion of the floor debate on health care-related amendments. this is just over an hour. the chair: who seeks time? mr. king: mr. chairman. the chair: for what purpose does the gentleman from iowa rise? mr. king: i have an amendment at the desk, number 266. the chair: the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 266 printed in the congressional record offered by mr. king of iowa. the chair: the gentlelady from connecticut. ms. delauro: i reserve a point of order. the chair: the gentlelady reserves a point of order. pursuant to the order of the house of february 17, 2011, the gentleman from iowa, mr. king, and a member opposed will
in office, or at least that first week in office, president obama was talking about how he was going to scrap the terrorist surveillance program, the enhanced interrogation techniques and so forth. the thing that really feanded me and got my dander up was they started talking about prosecuting the people out at the agency that had been carrying out our policies. policies approved by the president of the united states and the national security council, policies that are kept us safe for sen and a half years and they were talking about going after and forcing these folks to hire lawyers and prosecuting them for having followed the lawful orders of the president of the united states. think of the kind of precedent that sets and what it says to people who get a difficult order to excute. tell them they've got to go perform a certain duty and responsibility on behalf of the united states government and they have to look over their shoulder to decide whether or not when we have a change in administrations the next crew is going to want to prosecute them for what the last president told the
barack obama of iran. i don't think any of us can say with certainty exactly how much it would achieve. we obviously don't know how iran would retaliate. but i believe it's a safe bet that iran would retaliate in several ways. again, i think anyone who has analyzed the use of force says this is a potentially costly and richly option. anyone who has analyzed living with an iran nuke -- nuclear iran says this is costly. we want to avoid getting to this place even if the purpose of the conversation is to say if we can't, then what do we do. >> we will discuss the military option in a minute. anybody has a burning question? >> i would like to ask, let's think the unthinkable. if an egypt the government falls like we've seen in tunisia, what impact would that have on the regimes let's say in your countries and on the region in general? do you think that democracy is even more destabilizing than a nuclear iran? >> what can i say. >> let me go back to something that was mentioned earlier about making a fuss about israel and as being recent. so if you would look at the records of the united na
. in 2002, barack obama challenge to bobby rush, losing in the primary but getting 30% of the vote. as a result of redistricting, his residence was redistricted out so it would restrict him from a rematch in 2000 to explain this. guest: one of the critiques is that they can use the process to target political enemies or potential political enemies. and that is, again, one of the really important reasons why the redistricting criteria needs to be very clear, why the public needs to understand what rules affect the redistricting process. the person drawing the lines need to adhere to the federal and state rules and the public needs to be provided some justification when there is actually a redistricting map on the table to be given an explanation. why does that particular district have a car out of one block? if there -- is the reason it given the legitimate? the public has to be given the ability to hold the line drawers responsible for the decisions they are making in the process. host: bill, democrats line, from chicago. good morning . caller: i would like to say on that last call
and meeting it the president and mrs. obama, so that puts a little pressure on me as well. as mentioned, the themes are there. we recognize what those themes are and i am going to be visualized some of them for you. i believe cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility. the collective view is more important than the singular view, and it really is a call to action. it is about plain speaking. i am a lawyer by education, not a technologist. i have been government for 28 years. i am pleased with all the support from dhs, the white house, and congress, but with that, the reason i was hired originally it was that i was not a technologist, i could understand the technology, but hopefully i could explain it in a way that those that had to make decisions could understand it and move it forward. my belief is that it is about the good, the bad, but most importantly about the truth. we are not going to talk about the truth about what is going on i used to start off and say there had been a security breach. i got a congratulatory note at home. i clicked onyx, open it up, and my machine crashed -- i
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